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Welcome to the Verkkokauppa.com Sustainability Website!

Here you will find comprehensive information about our sustainability work. We do our best so that you can trust in the transparency of our operations and make long-lasting and sustainable purchases now and in the future.

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We Take Responsibility

At Verkkokauppa.com, responsibility and transparency guide everything we do. We support responsible consumption, and making long-lasting choices is key. We support our customers in making the right purchasing decisions, for example by providing transparent information about the products we sell. We help our customers find the most suitable products for their needs — by selling what they need. We believe in our community and aim to give all our employees the opportunity to make a difference in our journey forward.

The retail sector, and the electronics sector in particular, is facing a number of pressing sustainability issues: the ever-increasing consumption of natural resources, the lack of human rights at different stages of the value chain, greenhouse gas emissions and other negative environmental impacts, the inadequate repairability and upgradability of products, and the need to improve the recoverability of electronic waste. These are all global challenges but also opportunities that we are working on with our partners and other actors.

We know there is always room for improvement in the area of sustainability. We are committed to acting responsibly and taking steps in the right direction, every day.

We invite you to learn more about our sustainability work!

Johanna Stenbäck, Sustainability Manager

Sustainability at Verkkokauppa.com

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Responsible Shopping from Start to Finish

We ensure our products are safe, long lasting and responsibly manufactured.

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Verkkokauppa.com Community

We trust in each other's expertise and grow courageously with our passions.

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The Environmental Impact of Our Activities

We actively work to minimize the negative environmental impact of our operations.

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Sustainability Management and Reporting

Sustainability work at Verkkokauppa.com is managed and developed in a holistic way, according to well-defined priorities.

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  • Verkkokauppa.com donated 30 000 face masks to HelsinkiMissio, a non-profit charity organisation working to reduce loneliness in Finland.


  • The 2022 sustainability reporting has been published – the review summarizes the principles and progress of the sustainability work in 2022


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  • Verkkokauppa.com’s carbon footprint calculated - the majority of emissions caused by manufacture and use of products sold


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  • Read the 2021 sustainability report


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You can deliver electronic waste, used batteries and ink cartridges to all our stores, free of charge.

Recycle your old products (in Finnish)


Give us your feedback

How could we improve our sustainability performance? Your feedback is of paramount importance to us. Thank you for caring!


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