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Philips AMF870/15 Air Performer 8000 Series 3-in-1 ilmanpuhdistin, tuuletin ja lämmitin



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  1. Amazing product!

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This product is amazing! It heats up the room really fast this winter and the cold setting feels really cold, I Hooe we get another heatwave so I can properly test it out. My bedroom always has lots of dust particles no matter how much I clean and the air purifier setting on this works wonders! I feel like it's helping already with nit getting as many hay-fever symptoms and the air feels cleaner. I love how there's an app on your phone you can use to control it remotely without needing the controller if you've lost it. It's a really great bit of kit and feels very sturdy. It also looks great sort of futuristic and everyone that comes into my home asks about it.
    geordiebexN, 35–44vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  2. Would recommend

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love this fan, very easy to set up and the app is nice and simple too. It’s not noisy like a lot of other fans I have tried and love the air purifying feature. Definitely a rival for the big brand names but at a more affordable price
    Lynsey773Arvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  3. Great and much loved item in my household

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to test and review the Philips - Air Performer 8000 series AMF870/35 3-in-1 Air Purifier, Fan and Heater it came at the perfect time for the winter so the heat feature was the first part I tried it was very easy to set up you can control the heater through an app on your phone so you don't even need to get up to use it. It heats up my dinning room perfectly as this is one of the coldest rooms in my house. I love that it has the ability to clean the air in your home it helps remove viruses, allergens, aerosols and pollutants in my home meaning the whole household receive cleaner air. I have found it particularly good when I am cooking in the kitchen it picks up that the air may not be as clean as it could be as the colour changes on the display screen at the front it then gets to work to filter and clean the air. It also have a fan option that will be perfect to use this summer it can stand still or it can rotate so the whole household can feel the effects of the hot or cold air being blown. It's become a much loved and used item in my household and would be lost without it and love the fact that it is a 3 in 1.
    Bec4everuk1N, 35–44vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  4. Amazing

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is an amazing fan, It is a great heater,it heats my living room so well and quickly, it's great and when it's on the air feels cleaner, I cant wait till the weather gets warmer and I can use the fan function, the remote works very well even at a distance, the display is great as it goes dark after a while and it is so quiet, I have raved about this product, it'd the best thing
    Chez85N, 35–44vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  5. Perfect

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This has been perfect with these winter days of cloud rain and awful winds ! I have used this in the front room and it has heated up the house so well ! It’s much more efficient than using the heating !! It warms up straight away ! I’ve yet to use the cool fan feature other than to give a little test to see how it functions and it got the room nice and cold ! So I can guarentee this will make the home nice and cool while we get this random heat spells ! Had been the perfect edition to the household ! It shows all the allergies in the air and air quality which has made me realise all the nasty stuff that is int eh home and I ah e found that I’ve suffered a lot less with stuffy noses and sneezing sessions while using this !
    StaceyN, 35–44vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  6. Phillips fan/heater

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Shave used this a few times now. Doesn't seem to use too much electric which is a bonus. Has a remote control, which is magnetic so can be stuck somewhere handy (just don't forget where you place it like I did the first time lol). Very useful piece of equipment. Please check dimensions as this is a a large unit. Other than that does exactly as your expect. Will say though no aftershock gadget we used, we could not get the app to work, but does work perfectly fine with the remote.
    Terri70N, 45–54vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  7. Upto its brand

    Arvosana 5/5
    Reason to choose this product based on couple of aspects that i liked about it. Product description is understable and relates to customer. For example they mention clearly about area size philips 8000 series air purifier can clean. And, is upto its words, it cleans air, removes pollens significantly as i am suffering with birch pollen during this season and once i started using air purifier, i did not feel like sneezing, coughing reduced too. This is my observation and it might vary with someone else.
  8. Wow!

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Absolutely love it... Room too hot, fan on... Room too cold, heater on... The fan/heater certainly packs a punch, and quickly gives you the results you want. Easy to set up, and link to your smart devices. App controls are pretty good too, allowing you full control over temperature, angle of the rotation... speed o the fan, and quick switching between modes. and what's more, it does it with making very little sound (unless you put it in turbo, but you'd expect that). An to top it all off, it purifies the air... and lets you know how good/bad the air quality is.... Only critique... could be a little smaller.
    PixelPunkM, 35–44vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  9. Amazing

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This Philips 3 in one air performer is simply outstanding. It has a cooler, heater and air purifier all in one. It is run by AI to bring the most optimum temperature. The purifier itself makes the air cleaner and removes 99.7% of bad odours and bad particles in the air leaving you with clean purified air. Good for those with allergies or asthma. It comes with a remote control that can be used to program this incredible machine. It is lightweight and compact and can be easily carried to different rooms as and when needed. So glad I have this as it’s amazing and I can’t rave about it enough.
    LiaKN, 35–44vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  10. fantastic product

    Arvosana 5/5
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] i bought mine to help with the mould in my bedroom due to condensation the cool/warm and dehumidifyer options are amazing its helped reduce the issuez ive had. would reccomend its a little on the larger size
    th9825–34vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
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