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Insera X2900 -maastopyörä, 50 cm
Insera X2900 -maastopyörä, 50 cm

Insera X2900 on edullinen maastopyörä yleiskäyttöön ja kevyeen maastoajoon. 24-vaihteinen Shimano-vaihteisto sekä varmatoimiset ja tehokkaat hydrauliset levyjarrut. 29" renkaat rullaavat erinomaisesti myös asfaltilla.

  • Shimano 24-vaihdetta
  • Hydrauliset levyjarrut
  • Lukittava joustohaarukka
Hinta 469.99€.
Lähetettävissä: 5-10 päivää
Insera X2900 -maastopyörä, 50 cm


Arvosana 4/5 perustuen 1 arvosteluun4,0
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  1. Arvosana 4/5

    good value for money

    When I assembled it, I think I broke a part due to my fault, I turned out to be a lame mechanic. Within a very short time, the customer service directed me to a service point where the bike was repaired in minutes.

    The cheap repair costs were covered under the warranty and I got the refund.

    I am very very satisfied with both the online store and the service that they helped me so quickly and professionally!

    Anyway. The bike works perfectly, its a bigger bike so its heavy a bit, but if this will one of your first bike, it will more than just fine. If You need lighter mountain bike with this size, it will cost double, so.. The quality for the sensitive parts is nice. I satisfied what I got, I would buy it again, and recommend this product.