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Panzer -lasikalvo, Apple iPad Pro 12,9" (2018, 2020, 2021)



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  1. Ajoi asiansa

    Arvosana 5/5
    Helpot ohjeet, helppo kiinnittää itse. Vastasi tarkoitusta.
  2. Poor information support, bad delivery package

    Arvosana 2/5
    The delivery package and information support for the user makes you want to swear. The size of the napkin with alcohol is disproportionate to the area of this iPad; it is very tiny and is only suitable for a basic iPhone. In addition, it leaves a lot of stains that cannot be removed by wiping with a cloth. I ended up using my own optical wipes to clean the screen. The cloth from the kit behaves strangely on the iPad screen, not sliding across it. In the end, I also used a rag from a set of protective glass for an iPhone that I had once purchased. The sticker for removing dust particles is not convenient to use because... It doesn't have a non-sticky grip area and sticks to your fingers. There is also no marking on it, so you can only guess that this paper rectangle is a dust removal sticker. Apart from this, there are no tools, which is strange because... in other similar sets there are often also guide stickers. So I can recommend that you just throw almost everything except the glass itself in the trash and use normal tools. But the most irritating thing for me is the installation instructions, which in fact are missing. What is drawn on the back of the box is a general instruction for screens of all sizes, completely superficially affecting the glass installation process. There is also a qr-code there that provides some kind of help on the manufacturer’s website, but it only leads to a general page. I could not find instructions for this glass on the official website. I consider this to be poor treatment for the buyer of the product considering the cost. Maybe this glass is really quite high quality, but if you can’t install it, then you won’t care. It is assumed that the user will dig up different YouTube videos, but the problem is that there are almost no instructions specifically for this glass model (set). I saw a video for the same brand and similar kit, but it was still different. I think that, not least of all, because of the listed factors, I was unable to glue this glass. Since after the first attempt I already had experience and did not want to experiment any more with other kits, I bought a second one from Verkkokauppa for 85 euros. Which I managed to deliver more or less normally. It's a shame that if there were adequate installation instructions that could simply be found, then I wouldn't have to pay twice and waste so much effort, time and nerves. I strongly advise anyone thinking about purchasing this kit to think carefully.


PANZER® Premium Tempered Glass on alkuperäinen ja suosittu PANZER®-näytönsuoja. Se on valmistettu vain 0,33 mm paksusta karkaistusta lasista, joka on paras mahdollinen suoja näytölle. Valmistettu oikeasta lasista, joka on yhdeksän kertaa kestävämpää (9H) kuin tavallinen lasi. Lasin Anti-Shatter-kalvo pitää sirpaleet kasassa, jos näytönsuoja rikkoutuu.

  • Aärimmäisen kestävä suoja ja hillitty muotoilu
  • 0,33 mm paksua karkaistua lasia
  • 9H (9 kertaa kestävämpää kuin tavallinen lasi)
  • Anti-Shatter-teknologia - pitää sirpaleet kasassa
  • Erittäin helppo asennus - ilman liimaa tai nesteitä
  • Kestää naarmuuntumista 150 % paremmin kuin teräs
  • Kolhun- ja iskunkestävä

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