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Arctic Freezer i35 -prosessorijäähdytin


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  1. Guaranteed good for 12-th i3

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    For me, the installation was average in complexity, given the experience of previous installations of different tower radiators. At first I missed, putting the radiator on the landing screws passed through the motherboard. I don’t know, it’s a matter of coincidence or ergonomics of the design. Maybe you'll have more luck. In the end, it's okay, I corrected, but the fact itself was remembered, since the consequences could be more serious. There is a fairly adequate official instruction in text and video formats (on the manufacturer's website), with the exception of installing and removing the plastic circuit with a fan. This is done by bending the plastic clips on both sides, which requires some skill and the use of a screwdriver or other suitable tool with a flat end. In my opinion, the instructions at this point should be more detailed, since there is a real chance for an inexperienced installer to break the plastic plugs when trying to remove the plastic box to install the system on the board. Fully loaded with a stress test, the i3-12100 kept the temperature no higher than 60 degrees in a closed computer case. At the same time, the noise level is minimal (speed - somewhere around 800 rpm). However, this is the result of testing in the first hours after assembly. It is possible that the fan will continue to operate just as quietly and efficiently, but we'll see. I think it would fit for i5. Now the choice for 1700 socket is small, especially when it comes to fans that can be bought quickly. If I had the opportunity to choose from a wider range, I would take something else, although objectively there are no serious complaints about this product so far.


Äärimmäistä jäähdytyskykyä. Arctic Freezer i35 tukee Intelin uusinta LGA 1700 -kantaa. Prosessorijäähdyttimessä on neljä lämpöä siirtävää lämpöputkea ja 120 mm PWM -tuuletin. PWM- ominaisuuden ansiosta voit itse hallita tuulettimen nopeuksia. Lämpötahna sisältyy pakkaukseen.


  • Yhteensopivuus Intel LGA 1700, 1200, 115X
  • 4 lämpöä siirtävää lämpöputkea
  • 1 x 120 mm PWM-tuuletin
  • Mukana lämpötahna
  • Äänitaso: 14 dBA
  • Mitat: 133 x 91 x 158,5 mm
  • Paino: 734 g
  • Tuulettimen nopeus: 200 - 1800 ± 10% RPM
  • Liitäntä: 4-pinninen PWM



Tekniset tiedot
  • Väri: Moniväri
  • Jäähdyttimen koko (mm): 120
  • Säädettävä RGB-valaistus: Ei
  • PWM-ohjaus: Kyllä
  • Prosessorikanta: LGA 1150, LGA 1151, LGA 1155, LGA 1156, LGA 1200
Tuotteen tiedot
BrändiArctic Cooling
Takuuaika120 kk
Takuuasiat asiakassivujen ohjeilla.
Pakkauksen koko15 cm x 18 cm x 12 cm
Pakkauksen paino1 kg
Pakkauksen tilavuus0,00324 m³ (3,24 l)
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Arvosana 5/5
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