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Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming AM4 ATX-emolevy
Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming AM4 ATX-emolevy

Huippuluokan emolevy AM4-kantaisille AMD Ryzen -prosessoreille.

  • AM4 ATX-emolevy
  • AMD X570 -piirisarja
  • Kaksi M.2 paikkaa
Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming AM4 ATX-emolevy


Arvosana 4.6/5 perustuen 37 arvosteluun4,6
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    Arvosana 4.8/54,8
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    Arvosana 4.5/54,5

37 tuotearvostelua, sivu 1 / 2

  1. Arvosana 5/5

    Great motherboard for am4 cpu

    Great motherboard that supports most things but remember ddr4 ram only with am4.

    It is very good looking and has 2 m.2 slots with a heatsink cover that also has a fan but it needs to be turned on in the bios.

    It supports the newest GPUs and SSD's.

    The RGB is nice to have and cool looking but if your Ram and fans are RGB it isn't as bright as those because it has to go through all the clear part and it only illuminates the logo but it is still nice and by downloading armoury crate from there website you can set it to whatever colour or mode you want.

    For example setting it to be a certain colour for each temperature zone of your CPU or GPU.

    Adam pc proArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  2. Arvosana 5/5

    Good all-rounder

    Very nice and comprehensive motherboard! Good performance and BIOS configuration

    SamfisherbrArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  3. Arvosana 5/5

    Striix X570-F

    Top notch as always with any ROG products would highly recommend

    The FallenArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  4. Arvosana 1/5

    Not booting

    Motherboard has stopped working and won't boot after 3 days of use! Very disappointed

    Chup90Arvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  5. Arvosana 5/5

    Good board

    Good Board it has all the fautes i want and looks great.

    Ian WeeksArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  6. Arvosana 4/5

    A little too tight

    It's a solid, fast, modern and stylish motherboard with some annoying compromises.

    Annoyances. I didn't check (foolish me), but the memory slots are so close to the CPU that the tower fan I bought to cool the CPU down was so big it blocked a memory slot and its fan had to be attached to the wrong side (away from the center of the case).

    I was in a rush to buy a replacement mobo after my previous one died after just a few months of use, necessitating a new cpu and cooler, too. The previous mobo was top of the range for a threadripper, which I couldn't afford to replace like-for-like. I had to dip into my pension to scrape enough money together to buy the components I did, so unlike the careful planning on the original pc, the replacement parts had mentioned compromises, not least of which being ATX rather than the more comfortably E-ATX.

    So, I ended up with a system with one blocked memory slot.

    The graphics card, like many, blocked a pcie lane. The threadripper mobo I had previously owned had 8 memory slots and one more 16x pcie lane, so I was now considerably down on my original wish for a super powerful pc.

    The board is that tight that in the heatwave one of the new NVMe M2 cards died. There just isn't enough room to give them the space they need for cooling. You need to remove the graphics card to get at them, and in my case, possibly even the cooling tower on the CPU, basically dismantling the entire pc. The EATX mobo this replaced made it very easy to access the M2 slots and replace the cards without dismantling anything. They are so tightly squeezed in that I cant fit any custom M2 coolers.

    It's an excellent motherboard in all other respects, but I'm now a memory slot down from 4 to 3 and an M2 card slot down as well.

    Why didn't I order an E-ATX mobo? The answer is that the only ones I could find were for the threadripper, which I can no longer afford. I wish manufacturers would make more E-ATX versions of their ATX lineup to allow for a more comfortable fit that doesn't present these issues and enables all of the components to be easily accessible and use and allows them sufficient cooling space.

    Although my previous threadripper mobo had only been in action a few months, I had bought all the original components over 6 years or so, so they were all redundant/discontinued by the time I put the PC together (the perils of trying to build a powerful pc when you have a very low income). The good news from this is that today's Ryzen Cpus are nearly up there with the original Threadrippers. Not quite, and the loss of a memory slot both mean that it does noticeably run slower than the old threadripper PC and unlike that machine, I can't expand the memory to 8 slots either. But as I said, it isn't as slow as I had feared. With all four memory slots in use, and the advantage of running on PCie4, it would have been very close to the threadripper.

    Regarding the UEFI interface, it's all very straightforward... Apart from the RAID setup, which can used for both the NVME (for an M2 RAID) and SATA 3 (for a concurrent Sata3 RAID). Fiendishly difficult to set up, only working properly with updated drivers from the website (which means you have to install the OS first, then get into Windows and download and install the RAID drivers, then go back into the UEFI to set it up there, too). It took several days and web searches to work out how to do it properly, because the instructions in the Manual are incomplete, incorrect and hopelessly vague.

    If you want to install the correct drivers during the installation of the OS, make sure you download the latest versions from AMD because the ones that come with the mobo are useless and you'll just waste days trying to get them working.

    Why AMD can't provide an installation disc that does all this automatically for you, either during or after the installation of Windows, is a mystery to me. Instead, it's a fiddly manual process that requires someone with technical expertise. I've built three pcs now and have to say this is the worst experience I've ever had getting RAID to work.

    There needs to be at least 3 temperature sensors on the mobo, especially given the tight fitting of the CPU fan and the unwise decision to partially cover the M2 slots. As it is, there's only one. Of course you could buy an add-in card for sensors and extra fan controls, but where PCIE slots are at a premium, that would be unwise.

    For the price and seeing as how some of the pcie lanes are blocked by the graphics card, built in WiFi would have been nice. At it is, you have to choose between using one of the previous pcie lanes or buying something like an external usb wi-fi solution.

    However, it does have a built in TMP driver and a socket for a physical TMP device, too, and IF you do succeed in setting it up correctly with the necessary components, it will run WINDOWS 11.


    Very fast Ryzen based mobo

    TMP and Windows 11 compatible

    Onboard RAID for SATA and NVME

    PCIE 4 mobo (a huge improvement on 3. Boards using 5 and 6 are still comparatively rare and expensive)

    Generally lovely UEFI interface, with the exception of the poorly thought out RAID controls


    No built in WiFi

    RAID options unnecessarily very difficult to implement

    More help with setting up to comply with Windows 11 requirements would be useful

    Could have done with faster, more modern NIC or/and 2 NIC link aggregation

    Poor placement of M2 slots make fitting and replacement horrendously difficult when the build is complete

    Poor cooling around the M2 slots

    Memory modules too close to the CPU, necessitating careful thought and cooling compromises when buying a CPU cooler (if you want to avoid frying your new M2 card).

    More temperature sensors

    A mini app to persistently show M2, CPU and GPU temperatures on the Windows desktop would mitigate some of my fears about component overheating (the AI Suite is a full screen app and can't be shown persistently. Strangely, there is a Fan speed mini control, but pressing the various speed options doesn't make it clear that anything happens at all. There is no illuminated button to show which setting is currently in use and no temperature indicator to show that the option is providing sufficient cooling)


    A good purchase for the price, but not without considerable compromises.

    LuutaArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  7. Arvosana 4/5

    Very pleased with this board

    The board worked out the box with windows 10 But .There is alway a but .It refused to let me install a clean copy of windows 11 from a USB stick .It said the PC didn't meet the requirements for windows 11.After 4 attempts I gave up and went back to windows 10 .Not a very good start so that why only 4 stars

    M J OrmeArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  8. Arvosana 5/5

    A Good Buy

    Fantastic motherboard.. has been running perfectly for some time now without any issues

    Loki ElisArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  9. Arvosana 5/5

    Asus x570

    good board lots of settings don't overclock as cpu runs fairly warm even with decent cooler

    i was disappointed to find out USB 3.2 gen 2 does not support USAP added card but did not help

    but overall seems pretty good

    keithtArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  10. Arvosana 5/5

    Very good ,

    Nice looking board works more than fast enough for my needs , like any board would be nice if there was rgb around the pci slots or the m.2 fan rather that tucked away in the corner

    DazzasterArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  11. Arvosana 5/5

    1st Full Build

    This is the 1st time I have done a complete build. have swapped components on boards over the last 30 years but nothing in the last 7 years. This is a well thought out board and I cannot say anything bad about it. All the connectivity, internal and external, you require is there. Took my time and this was an easy build. The manual is quite concise (though us older folk will need a magnifying glass) and is well backed up with the website. The wiring and component placement is clear. I have found plenty of room on the board whilst building. I have used the motherboard RGB control for all the lighting and it is well smart. You do not need to use the USB connector on the supplied CPU fan in this case, just the RGB header lead. Build quality / Construction of the X-570-F is excellent, you don't need kid gloves whilst building. Well pleased with my purchase.

    peteinmeirArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  12. Arvosana 5/5

    All New To Myself

    Nothing to really write home about, nothing negative to say. This is a new experience, coming from your typical steel box type Desktop PC, where all components are not on show.

    BonzoArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  13. Arvosana 5/5

    Its worth it

    Great board with some headroom for doing some overclocking,plenty of extra slots to add more fans and other peripherals

    DeantiptonArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  14. Arvosana 4/5

    Good Mobo, sh*tty RGB Software.

    Haven't had any issues with the mobo itself, seems well built and does the job well. The only issue I have with it is firstly its RGB Software is utter rubbish and I would prefer a cheaper option with no built in RGBs as well. Either you have RGBs with decent software to control them, or no RGBs, its as simple as that. Corsair iCUE have far better software and I'm having to use a 3rd party app to hack the RGBs on the mobo to do anything worth having with them.

    EdmundArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  15. Arvosana 5/5

    Happy customer

    What a great motherboard, 2 Nvme slots RGB so that's the bling

    PG1144Arvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  16. Arvosana 4/5

    Good Decent Board that doesn’t cost an arm and a g

    Decent entry level board with plenty of features.

    NB. When fitting Corsair AIOs to Spec, the Bios howls at post because you’ve nothing connected to CPU_FAN, I put my exhaust fan cable there and the Board was quite happy. ASUS, you need to think of a way around this dilemma..

    FatzdomingoArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  17. Arvosana 5/5

    Almost spot-on

    Very good motherboard only criticism cable connection should be right angle for better cable management

    Gazz.pArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  18. Arvosana 5/5

    Great motherboard

    easy to for new builders to use and mention rgb???

    ZodiArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  19. Arvosana 5/5

    Just Amazing

    Not much to say, it's an amazing piece of hardware. Incredible quality. So far very happy, let's see with time.

    BTW I always had Asus motherboards and always super happy!

    Giuans78Arvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  20. Arvosana 5/5

    LoL Diabolik

    Nice is the best ..........super nice easy to install

    LoL DiabolikArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  21. Arvosana 5/5

    Fairly future proof

    So far so good. Potential for upgrading is amazing. Running 3tb total across 2x M.2 plus extra 2tb HDD

    AidyArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  22. Arvosana 3/5

    Stupid design decisions

    Ok board but stupid design decisions for the little things, like the RGB Strix logo connector.

    You have to remove the motherboard from your case to get at the 2 screws holding the IO cover on just to access the connector, which appears to usually ship not correctly connected, by all the complaints on various forums.

    SlegnorArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  23. Arvosana 5/5


    It's a very sexy looking and good performing motherboard.

    HimpiiArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  24. Arvosana 5/5


    Excellent board for me easy to set up and easy to use

    DionArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla