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HX6042/33 Sonicare Kids 7+ -varaharja, 2 kpl



Arvosana 3.5/5 perustuen 2 arvosteluun3,5
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  1. Great toothbrush

    Arvosana 4/5
    My 8 year old is very petite and the brush head for 7+yrs is too big for her mouth/teeth, (resulting in them not being cleaned effectively) but the smaller head for4-6yrs isn't firm enough for her adult teeth. It would be great if we could purchase the firmer bristles with a smaller head.
    Mum35NArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  2. Not sure this is any better for Children

    Arvosana 3/5
    I have the whole range of heads, and I like the colours, which makes it much easier to know it belongs to the kids, but can see no advantage, size wise to a standard head.
    NettyNArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla