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Villeroy & Boch Old Luxembourg -kulho, 13 cm



Arvosana 4.6/5 perustuen 11 arvosteluun4,6
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  1. Perfect bowl for soup cereal or ice cream!

    Arvosana 5/5
    The bowl is dainty and holds a perfect amount of food for adults and grandchildren.
    Tea honeyArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  2. Classic beautiful pattern

    Arvosana 5/5
    I love this product. It is so classic and I love everything French.
    MrsGArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  3. Just what we need for entertaining and for family.

    Arvosana 5/5
    To have such fine china that can endure handling by a totally blind dish washer every day makes my day everyday. I have long appreciated the delightful Christmas decor and now a table that calls you to dinner with china that can hold up to unorthodox treatment.
    Mary JeanetteArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla

    Arvosana 5/5
    This pattern is the best! It is beautiful and perfect for our family. We use them every day. I have bought plates, bowls and salad plates. Love them all
    CassArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  5. Old Luxembourg

    Arvosana 5/5
    I replaced a bowl that was broken by falling on the floor. It is a great product and I hated not to have enough when I have guests.
    ClaudeArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  6. Perfect sizes along with lovely design.

    Arvosana 5/5
    Easy to handle and a convenient size, not to mention lovely.
    MomDArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  7. Elegant bowl

    Arvosana 5/5
    I love the shape of this bowl. I also like that the saucer that comes with the soup bowl with handles fits this bowl too. When I serve soup, a saucer is needed for a few crackers or small slice of bread to go alongside. But it seems too fancy to serve chili or clean-out-the-refrigerator stew in the bowls with handles. So I can just use the saucer with this less formal bowl. Perfect.
    XXerArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  8. Classic

    Arvosana 5/5
    I love this product the design is beautiful and classic.
    TulipArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  9. The right bowls at a good price

    Arvosana 4/5
    After my grandson broke three of these bowls in one day I was glad to find the replacements on your website. The bowls arrived well packed and in perfect condition thank you
    NancygArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  10. Love, but missing inside design

    Arvosana 4/5
    I love Vieux/Old Luxembourg and this bowl is made as well as it was in the 1980's all except for the fact that they no longer put the design on the inside of the bowl. I am very grateful that Villeroy and Boch are still producing this pattern and that I've been able to add to my set and replace pieces that have broken.
    bandmom2Arvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
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Old Luxembourg sarja on todellinen klassikko. Vuonna 1768 tuotantoon otetun sarjan tuotteiden muoto ja herkkä sininen "lehvä"-koristelu on edelleen ajaton ja klassinen.

Astianpesukoneen ja mikron kestävää premium posliinia.

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Villeroy & Boch
Valm. tuotekoodi

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BrändiVilleroy & Boch
Tuotekoodi10-2341-3880 / 5450102022441
Takuuasiat asiakassivujen ohjeilla.
Pakkauksen koko13 cm x 6 cm x 13 cm
Pakkauksen paino0,24 kg
Pakkauksen tilavuus0,001014 m³ (1,014 l)
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Villeroy & Boch Old Luxembourg -kulho, 13 cm, 6 kpl