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Weber® Flavorizer Bars -tangot, Genesis 300-sarja



Arvosana 4.6/5 perustuen 70 arvosteluun4,6
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  1. Replaced after 11 yrs

    Arvosana 5/5
    After 11 years of use I finally had to replace my flavorizer bars. I know that you can find cheaper, off-brand, ones online but if these last as long as the first set the money is well worth it. Cant go wrong with heavy stainless steel.
    Matt Be35–44vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  2. Perfection - The reason why I bought a Weber Grill

    Arvosana 5/5
    Grill is back to new…Unreal! Easy to install. Quality worth every penny!
    PollArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  3. Flavorizer Bars

    Arvosana 5/5
    Great product! Easy to install! Makes my old grill look like new!
    Brewmaster GM, 55–64vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  4. Replacement Parts

    Arvosana 5/5
    They are a bit pricey, but should last quite a while longer. Have already used them along with my new burners...I’m back!! The grill is like brand new!!
    AnonyymiM, 55–64vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  5. Working great!

    Arvosana 5/5
    So happy I bought these. My grill is 10 years old. It’s like having a new grill.
    GwynN, 55–64vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  6. Flavor Bars

    Arvosana 5/5
    Great item, fast shipping, Works as expected with easy installation.
    MCY2M, 65 tai yliArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  7. Good fit. Easy install

    Arvosana 5/5
    These are an exact fit for replacing the original bars
    MikellM, 55–64vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  8. SS Flavorizer Bars

    Arvosana 5/5
    Bought the SS Flavorizer Bars to replace the original ones that came with the BBQ. Hope these last longer the the originals.
    Happy Grillin'N, 55–64vArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  9. Flavorizer bars

    Arvosana 5/5
    Perfect fit. Well worth the money spent. Love my Weber grill.
    AnonyymiArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
  10. Works very well

    Arvosana 5/5
    I wish you offered other internal parts. The reflectors
    Johnk37M, 65 tai yliArvostelu kirjoitettu sivustolla
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